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Alzheimer's 3Dish™ NeuCELL™ VM Human Neural Progenitor Cell Line, Clone A5

[CAT#: NCL-2108-P011]

Clonal FAD NeuCELL™ VM human neural progenitor cell line that expresses APPSL-GFP.

Cell Culture
Cell Types:
Neural Stem Cell; Neural Progenitor Cell

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Alzheimer's 3Dish™ FAD NeuCELL™ VM lines are a proprietary collection of immortalized single-cell derived clonal human neural progenitor cells that express stable levels of AD genes with multiple FAD mutations. The clonal FAD neural progenitor cells secrete different amounts of total Aþ and differ in the Aþ42/40 ratios. The clonal lines are notable in the homogeneity and relative stability of APP expression levels and pathogenic Aþ levels across multiple passages. The Alzheimer's 3Dish™ collection of clonal lines allows the direct assessment of the role of Aþ42/40 ratio in regulating phospho-tau accumulations and neurofibrillary tangles pathology in AD.
Cell Types
Neural Stem Cell; Neural Progenitor Cell
Cell Culture
Relevant Diseases
Alzheimer's Disease
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