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Antibody Customization for Neurological Research

Antibody Customization for Neurological Research

Neurology specially deals with research, diagnosis, management, and treatment of central, peripheral, and autonomous nervous system disorders. Neurological research is focused on the brain, spinal cord, nervous system functions, associated diseases and their treatment.

Antibodies to Neurological Research

Antibodies are important reagents to further neurological research, which not only help researchers study proteins involved in the pathogenesis of neurological disorders, but also are used in biomarker tests for early detection. Antibody-based approaches are among the most critical and widely used techniques in molecular and cellular neuroscience and leading to rapid development in our knowledge of neuroscience.

Antibody Customization for Neurological ResearchFig.1 Antibodies as Mediators of Brain Pathology.

Creative Biolabs has developed advanced antibody production technology for neurological research and offers our clients antibody custom services including monoclonal antibody, polyclonal antibody, recombinant antibody production and agonist, antagonist antibody screening services. Based on over 10 years of antibody manufacturing experience, our neuroscience antibodies are well characterized by high specificity, selectivity, reproducibility and are routinely used for characterization of neural development, neural transmission, neurodegenerative disease and neuroinflammation.

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