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A neural circuit is a group of neurons connected to each other through synapses to perform specific functions when activated. Neural circuits are interconnected to form large-scale brain networks. The communication characteristics of the nervous system only at the level of tissues and organs become very unique, in which billions of cells can work together as interconnected circuits of complex tissues. It is by organizing cells into these neural circuits that the brain can support a variety of animal behaviors, even human consciousness, cognition and emotion.

Nervous Systems Are Designed for Communication over Many Scales Fig.1 Nervous Systems Are Designed for Communication over Many Scales

Creative Biolabs considers the latest developments in tools for studying neural circuits, with a particular focus on defining neuron cell types through the flow of input and output information (that is, through the way they communicate). Tools for tracking neural networks can be divided into tools for tracking individual cells and tools for monitoring cell populations. Although most fluorescent probes are effective in experiments involving fresh tissue sections and cultured cells, there are still special requirements for fixed tissue and in vivo imaging.

Our neural circuit labeling and detection tools include a diverse selection of probes for dissecting neural networks and their functions, fluorescent tracing dyes, and novel viral vectors for neuron tracking, etc.

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