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Radial glial cells (RGCs), also known as radial glial progenitor cells, are progenitor cells responsible for producing all neurons in the cerebral cortex. During neurogenesis, neuroepithelial (NE) cells are transformed into radial glial cells. RGC also produces certain lineages of glial cells, including astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, that are essential for the normal function of the central nervous system.

Recent studies have found that mutations in proteins essential for RGC development can lead to neurodevelopmental disease - Lissencephaly. This disease is characterized by a lack of cortical folds and a reduction in brain volume. Patients may experience mental retardation, motor and speech deficits, and epilepsy within a few months of birth. In extreme cases, it can result in death. In addition, the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus is associated with the death of neural progenitor cells, indicating that infection of embryos within the first two months of pregnancy may cause fetal birth defects and microcephaly.

Radial Glial Markers

Creative Biolabs provides a series of research tools needed to study the function of RGC. Our product portfolio includes monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, labeled antibodies, proteins, analytical kits, and small molecule activators and inhibitors.

With our easy-to-use guide below, make sure you choose the best cell marker tools for your research needs.

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