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Dextran-Rhodamine B

[CAT#: NTA-2011-ZP114]

Tracer Type:
Dextan Conjugate
Neural Tracing

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Dextran a natural synthetic polysaccharide with good water solubility, low toxicity and different molecular weight. They have been successfully used as long-term tracers for living cells. Our dextran is purified by size chromatography to remove unbound molecules and ensure proper cell biology analysis applications. Dextran is functionalized with various groups, dyes and other biomolecules.
Tracer Type
Dextan Conjugate
Neural Tracing
Application Notes
Dextran conjugates with a molecular weight of up to 70 000 Daltons are widely used to track neuronal projections. The 3 000 MW dextran conjugate penetrates the peripheral neuronal processes better than the high MW dextran and diffuses faster. The labeled dextran can be effectively used as an antegrade or retrograde tracer, depending on the research method and tissue type used.
Research Areas
Neural Circuit Mapping
Direction of Transport
Normal Expression
Excitation/Emission (nm)
Molecular Weight
3 000
10 000
40 000
70 000
500 000
Room Temperature
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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