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NeuroPhys™ Primary Neuron Kit

[CAT#: NCC200598ZP]

For the culture of primary and ES/iPS cell-derived neurons

Cell Culture
Cell Types:
Neural Lineage Cell; Neuron; iPSC; Embryonic Stem Cell

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The kit includes NeuroPhys™ Neuronal Medium, SM1 Neuronal Supplement and NeuroPhys™ Neuronal Plating Medium for culture of primary-derived neurons

&Bull; more representative of the brain's extracellular environment
&Bull; the function of neurons was improved and the proportion of synaptic active neurons was higher
&Bull; function test without changing medium and stimulating cells
&Bull; support long-term culture of ES / iPS cells and CNS derived neurons
&Bull; strict raw material selection and quality control to ensure the minimum difference between batches
Cell Types
Neural Lineage Cell; Neuron; iPSC; Embryonic Stem Cell
Species Reactivity
Human; Mouse; Rat
Cell Culture
Application Notes
The application of NeuroPhys™ kit includes the cultivation of primary neurons, the differentiation and maturation of hPSC-derived neurons, the recording of neuron activity based on microelectrode arrays, real-time fluorescence imaging (including calcium imaging and optogenetics), and transdifferentiation of somatic cells to neurons.

To ensure long-term serum-free cell survival, NeuroPhys™ must be used in combination with appropriate supplements. For your convenience, various NeuroPhys™ kits can be used for primary or hPSC-derived neurons. It is recommended to use NeuroPhys™ Neuronal Medium and SM1 Kit (Cat. No. NCC200596ZP) for primary neuron culture. It is recommended to use NeuroPhys™ Primary Neuron Kit (Cat.#05794) for the cultivation and cultivation of primary neurons. It is recommended to use NeuroPhys™ Neuronal Medium N2-A & SM1 Kit (catalog number NCC200597ZP) and NeuroPhys™ hPSC Neuron Kit (catalog number NCC200599ZP) to differentiate and mature neurons derived from hPSC, and to combine lineage-specific growth factors and/or small molecules (if necessary).
Research Areas
Stem Cell Research
NeuroPhys™ Neuronal Plating Medium, 100 mL (Catalog NCC200601ZP)
NeuroPhys™ SM1 Neuronal Supplement, 10 mL (Catalog NCC200594ZP)
NeuroPhys™ Neuronal Medium, 500 mL (Catalog NCC200595ZP)
Shelf Life
Stable until expiry date (EXP) on label.
Research Use Only
For research use only
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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