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NeuroVue® Red Plus [Dye Filter For Neuronal Tract Tracing]

[CAT#: NTA-2011-ZP37]

Tracer Type:
Fluorescent Dye
Neural Tracing

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It can be used for pipeline tracking studies up to 3-4 weeks. Compatible with eGFP, YFP, NeuroVue®Maroon and Jade spectra in many systems. Spectral unmixing is required when used with NeuroVue®Orange. Compared with the standard NeuroVue®Red filter box, NeuroVue®Red Plus can provide faster and more effective neuron labeling, and has a higher dye load.

A 1 cm2 nylon filter coated with the lipophilic red luminescent dye NeuroVue Red Plus.

Typical dye load: 18-21 nmoles/mm2.

Spectrum of NeuroVue Red Plus (ex max = 567nm; em max = 588nm)

Convenient, ready-to-use coated filter format for more precise control of the dye insertion point
No messy oils, pastes or crystals that are difficult to locate
Diffusion performance is comparable to or better than other commercially available nerve tracer dyes
More focused results (for example, marking a small number of axons in a path)'
Provide a variety of colors, including far red, even in tissues with high myelin expression, it can be used for multiple tracking and improve results
Tracer Type
Fluorescent Dye
Neural Tracing
Research Areas
Neural Circuit Mapping
Direction of Transport
Normal Expression
Research Use Only
For research use only.
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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