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New Fluorescent Probes for Detection of Neurotransmitters: GRAB Probes

GRAB Neurotransmitter Fluorescent Probes

GRAB Neurotransmitter Fluorescent Probes

Neuroscience research focuses on understanding how neurons connect and communicate with each other at the cellular and molecular levels, which has important implications for analyzing the neural circuits underlying animal cognition and behavior. Manipulating and detecting communication between neurons is a major tool in neuroscience research, and a number of genetically encoded fluorescent probes for the detection of neurotransmitters have been developed by coupling GPCRs and the circulating rearranged fluorescent protein cpFP. These genetically encoded fluorescent probes, named GRAB (GPCR Activation-Based) probes, were used to detect neurotransmitter dynamics in vivo with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Principles of GRAB neurotransmitter Fluorescent Probes

The principle of the GRAB probe lies in the combination of neurotransmitter and GPCR causes the conformational change of the latter, which in turn causes the conformational change of cpFP, which in turn affects the microenvironment around its chromophore, and finally causes its fluorescence intensity to change, which can be detected by fluorescence microscopy.

The principle of the green neurotransmitter probe (cpEGFP-based). Fig. 1 The principle of the green neurotransmitter probe (cpEGFP-based).

The principle of the red neurotransmitter probe (cpmApple-based). Fig. 2 The principle of the red neurotransmitter probe (cpmApple-based).

Advantages of Our GRAB Neurotransmitter Fluorescent Probes

  • High sensitivity.
  • High specificity.
  • High temporal and spatial resolution.
  • High signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Non-invasive.
  • No additional test equipment is required.

Creative Biolabs provides a complete list of viral products of these probes (mainly AAV products) to help neuroscientists detect the dynamic changes of transmitters in vivo.

Probe name Probe type
ACh Acetylcholine probe
DA Dopamine probe
NE Norepinephrine probe
5-HT Serotonin probe
HA Histamine probe
Ado Adenosine probe
ATP Adenosine triphosphate probe
VIP Vasoactive intestinal peptide probe
CCK Cholecystokinin probe
NPY Neuropeptide Y probe
CRF Corticotropin releasing factor probe
AVP Arginine vasopressin probe
NTS Neurohypotensive peptides
eCB Endocannabinoids
AEA Aannabinoids

If you need a probe not shown above, please directly contact us.


Cat Product Name
NRZP-0722-ZP130 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_ACh3.0
NRZP-0722-ZP131 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_NE1m
NRZP-0722-ZP132 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_NE3m
NRZP-0722-ZP133 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_DA2m
NRZP-0722-ZP134 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_5-HT1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP135 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_NE1h
NRZP-0722-ZP136 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_NE1h (AAV Retrograde)
NRZP-0722-ZP138 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_DA1h
NRZP-0722-ZP139 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_DA1h (AAV Retrograde)
NRZP-0722-ZP140 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_DA1m
NRZP-0722-ZP141 pAAV-hSyn-DIO-GRAB_ACh3.0
NRZP-0722-ZP142 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_DA2h
NRZP-0722-ZP143 pDisplay-GRAB_ATP1.0-IRES-mCherry-CAAX
NRZP-0722-ZP144 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_rDA1m
NRZP-0722-ZP145 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_Ado1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP147 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_NEmut
NRZP-0722-ZP148 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_NEmut (AAV Retrograde)
NRZP-0722-ZP157 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_DA-mut
NRZP-0722-ZP158 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_rDA1h
NRZP-0722-ZP159 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_rDA-mut
NRZP-0722-ZP160 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_Ado1.0med
NRZP-0722-ZP161 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_Ado1.0mut
NRZP-0722-ZP162 pAAV-GfaABC1D-GRAB_Ado1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP163 pAAV-GfaABC1D-GRAB_Ado1.0med
NRZP-0722-ZP164 pAAV-GfaABC1D-GRAB_Ado1.0mut
NRZP-0722-ZP165 pAAV-EFS-DIO-GRAB_Ado1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP166 pAAV-EFS-DIO-GRAB_Ado1.0med
NRZP-0722-ZP167 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_eCB2.0
NRZP-0722-ZP168 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_eCBmut
NRZP-0722-ZP169 pAAV-hSyn-DIO-GRAB_eCB2.0
NRZP-0722-ZP170 pAAV-hSyn-DIO-GRAB_eCB2.0mut
NRZP-0722-ZP172 pAAV-GfaABC1D-GRAB_eCB2.0
NRZP-0722-ZP174 pDisplay-GRAB_eCB2.0-IRES-mCherry-CAAX
NRZP-0722-ZP175 pDisplay-GRAB_eCBmut-IRES-mCherry-CAAX
NRZP-0722-ZP177 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_ATP1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP178 pAAV-hsyn-GRAB_ATP1.0mut
NRZP-0722-ZP180 pAAV-GfaABC1D-GRAB_ATP1.0mut
NRZP-0722-ZP182 pDisplay-GRAB_ATP1.0mut-IRES-mCherry-CAAX
NRZP-0722-ZP184 pDisplay-GRAB_HTR6-1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP185 pAAV-hSyn-GRAB_NTS1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP186 pDisplay-GRAB_OT1.0
NRZP-0722-ZP187 pDisplay-GRAB_OTmut
NRZP-0722-ZP194 GRAB-SST1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP195 GRAB-CCK1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP196 GRAB-NTS1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP197 GRAB-OX1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP198 GRAB-NPY1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP199 GRAB-SP1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP200 GRAB-GHRL1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP201 GRAB-CRF1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP202 GRAB-UCN1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP203 GRAB-VIP1.0 Peptide Sensor
NRZP-0722-ZP204 GRAB-PTH1.0 Peptide Sensor
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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