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[CAT#: NTA-2011-ZP60]

Viral vector tools for chemogenetics

Tracer Type:
Virus Vector/Partical
Chemogenetics; Optogenetics

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Chemogenetics combines chemical reactions with genetic engineering to control the physiological activities of cells. The most widely used molecules include G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) and ligand-gated ion channels, which are engineered so that they respond to specific small molecules rather than their endogenous ligands. Because of its controllable and reversible (compounds can be added or removed at any time to start or interrupt specific reactions), it has been widely used in the research of neural signal transduction.

Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive list of neural AAV viral tracing tools for chemogenetics.
Tracer Type
Virus Vector/Partical
Functional Gene
Virus Type
Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)
Chemogenetics; Optogenetics
Application Notes
How to use chemogenetics virus tools for research:
1. Choose the right DREADDs receptor: Generally speaking, hM3Dq is selected for activating neurons and hM4Di for inhibiting neurons
2. The genetic information is delivered to the target cells by injecting the virus into the body
3. CNO administration and control neuronal activity by controlling the administration time of CNO
4. Receptor validity verification: use electrodes to record the voltage changes inside and outside the neuron cell membrane to verify the validity of the DREADDs receptor
5. Animal phenotype detection: confirm the effect of activating or inhibiting neuronal activity on experimental animals through experiments
Research Areas
Neural Circuit Mapping
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