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VStable™ Producer Cell Line (PCL) Platform for LV/AAV Vector Production

VStable™ Producer Cell Line (PCL) Platform for LV/AAV Vector Production

Since gene therapy is considered to be the most effective and often the only treatment option for neurogenic diseases, a large amount of vector material is required. Therefore, a production method suitable for this purpose is required so that the necessary amount of viral vector can be produced with high yield and stable quality. However, to date, the manufacture of the most widely used viral vector AAV or LV for gene therapy still requires expensive transfection reagents and cGMP-grade plasmids.

In order to overcome these limitations and manufacture the necessary number of viral vectors with high yield and stable quality, Creative Biolabs has developed the VStable™ technology - VStable™ production cell line (PCL) platform for LV/AAV vector production. This technology is based on the production cell line and can provide large-scale production of viral vectors with consistent quality. No helper viruses, expensive transfection reagents, or cGMP-grade plasmids are required. Just spread your producer cells and start production.

From Packaging to Producer Cell Lines

With VStable™ technology, Creative Biolabs adopts a unique method based on packaging cell lines, which can stably integrate certain components of the lentiviral system / adenoviral system into the cell genome (e.g. envelope (such as VSV-G), Gag/Pol and Rev). The producer cell line, which has all the necessary elements (envelope (e.g. VSV-G), Gag/Pol, Rev, and vector genome) for virus production stably integrated into one cell. VStable™ technology is an ideal, highly scalable production platform for the production of adenoviral vectors and lentiviral vectors from research level to smaller scale to industrial scale.

Schematic for AAV vector production in packaging cell line.Fig.1 Schematic for virus vector production in packaging cell line.

Advantages of our VStable™ Platform

VStable™ Producer Cell Line (PCL) Platform for LV/AAV Vector Production
  • High Stablity: All components produced by AAV are stably integrated into one producer cell line.
  • High Performance: Generate high-titer clones.
  • Scalable: Scale up from shake flasks to large bioreactors without reducing productivity.
  • Consistent Quality: Eliminate the variability of the transient transfection process.
  • Fast: Automation greatly improves throughput and can identify the best clone.
  • Economical: Save the cost of plasmid and transfection reagent.
  • Ready to Use: GMP-compliant cell line.

Our goal is to provide superior product depth and expertise to help companies develop breakthrough therapies. If you are interested in our services, please send an email to contact us, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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