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Primary Neural Cell Isolation/Derivation Services

Primary Neural Cell Isolation Services

We offer simple robust methods for the isolation of primary neural cells from a wide range of brain tissue samples. Based on our high-level research team and leading research platform, Creative Biolabs provides isolation of primary neural cells service to meet our customers' different purposes in scientific research and clinical trials. Our experienced scientists are ready to get started on your projects quickly and efficiently.

Primary Neural Cell Isolation Methods

Primary cultures of neuron cells are a valuable tool to utilize in parallel with in vivo studies, widely used to reveal cellular mechanisms in neurobiology. By isolating and growing individual neurons, scientists are able to analyze the mechanisms surrounding neurogenesis and central nervous system (CNS) regeneration. Using various methodologies, our scientists can prepare primary neural cell populations from brain tissues of a range of different species including humans, mice, porcine fetal, rats, rodents, and zebrafish. We can provide primary cell preparations from both the hippocampal and spinal cord at the lowest passage possible. If you are interested in our service, please contact us and we will work to accommodate your request.

The cell isolation method used depends on your research needs and requirements. Below are the typical neural cell isolation methods used at Creative Biolabs.

  • Neural Tissue Harvest and Dissociation

Neural Tissue Harvest and Dissociation

  • Neuron Trituration

Neuron Trituration

  • Cell Plating

Cell Plating

Neural Tissues Derivation Services

At Creative Biolabs, our scientific team offers a range of derivation services to complement your project.

  • Brain Tissue Sourcing Services

Accessing fresh brain tissues to derive your neural cell population of interest can be challenging. Pregnancy in experimental animals can be complex and initiating fresh brain tissue collections time-consuming. Sterility is always a factor when growing primary cell cultures. Creative Biolabs can source fresh brain tissue samples from laboratory animals such as mice, piglets, rats, and zebrafish. Our biorepository or clinical network offers biological specimens from donors granting you direct access to the target cells for a particular analysis or study.

  • Genomic Services
DNA and RNA Extraction Various cell types including astrocytes, microglia, and neurons.
RT-PCR and Genotyping Identification of genetic variation.
Gene Expression Qualitative and quantitative targeted gene expression.
Sequencing Whole-genome, whole-exome, RNASeq.

If you are ready to outsource your primary cell isolation project, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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