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Neuronal tracers provide incomparable research tools for neuroscience, which enables visualization of neural architecture and identification of neural connections in the brain and nervous system. Neuronal tracers can be considered pathfinders in the nervous system. They are widely used to illuminate the anatomical connections of the nervous system. In neuroscience research, typical neuronal tracers include dyes, radioactive substances, and viruses. Neuronal tracers can be divided into two types according to directivity, anterograde tract tracers and retrograde tract tracers. The anterograde tract tracers such as HRP and biotinylated dextran amine (BDA) can tract from the cell body to the axon and the retrograde tract tracers can track the cell body to the axon. With the help of these tracers, it is possible to identify the origin cells of axons and identify the target location of axon projections from a particular neuron.

Creative Biolabs has engaged in neuroscience research for many years and accumulated rich experience in neural tracking. We are proud of offering a wide range of neuronal tracer products including but not limit to:

Based on these products, you can better investigate the neural connections in the nervous system.


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