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Neural crest cells (NCCs) are the pluripotent stem cells unique to vertebrates and are produced by embryonic ectoderm germ layers, which can differentiate into different cell types (such as melanocytes, peripheral and enteric neurons and glial cells) and give rise to multiple tissues and organs (include craniofacial cartilage and bones, smooth muscle). The emergence of neural crest is important in the evolution of vertebrates because many of its structural derivatives are characteristic of the vertebrate clade. Because of its contribution to a variety of cell lineages, understanding the molecular mechanism of neural crest formation is very important for researchers to understand human diseases. Studies have shown that abnormal neural crest development can cause neuro spinal neuropathy, including frontal nose dysplasia, Waardenburg-Shah syndrome and DiGeorge syndrome.

Neural Crest Induction

The molecular cascade of events is involved in establishing the migration and pluripotency characteristics of neural crest cells. The gene regulation network can be subdivided into four sub-networks, including Inductive signals, Neural plate border specifiers, Neural crest specifiers, and Neural crest effector genes. The putative neural rest gene regulation network in the vertebrate neural plate border kicks in.

Neural crest gene-regulatory network. Fig.1 Neural crest gene-regulatory network.

Highlighted Cell lineages

Neural crest cells from different locations along the anterior-posterior axis develop into various tissues. These areas of the neural crest can be divided into four main functional cell populations, including:

  • Cranial neural crest
  • Trunk neural crest
  • Vagal and sacral neural crest
  • Cardiac neural crest

Creative Biolabs provides a series of research tools needed to study the function of neural crest cells. Our product portfolio includes cell lines from multiple species, optimized serum-free media, reliable cell differentiation media, media additives, and key cell markers and research antibodies.

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