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Pre-made AAV Center


Pre-made AAV Center

Creative Biolabs provides viral vector construction and virus packaging services for AAV, LV, RABV, and HSV, which can help researchers explore issues related to neurons, neural circuit structure, brain network functions, and the mechanism and treatment of neurological diseases. Our viral tracers are ideal for various applications, such as tracking neuronal dynamics, Parkinson's Disease reseach, and neural circuit tracing. For a complete list of our virus tracers, please visit: Neural Circuit Mapping for more details

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Creative Biolabs is proud to offer a large selection of more than 2,000 AAV tools that can be used to monitor neural circuit. These AAV tools can be used for chemogenetics, optogenetics, calcium imaging, as well as neuron ablation. We also offer an extensive collection of AAV controls that can be used to measure transduction efficiency or as a negative control to determine if observed changes are due to the introduction of your gene of interest. Moreover, we also provide a wide variety of neurotransmitter sensors such as dopamine sensor, GABA sensor, glutamate sensor, norepinephrine (NE) sensor, and voltage reporter. Creative Biolabs' biosensors come with the choice of promoter (CMV or Syn), serotype (AAV1; AAV2; AAV5; AAV8; AAV9; Retrograde AAV; PHPeB ), and many have an optional DIO/FLEX system for Cre/Flp-inducible expression.

Please click on any of the biosensor applications below to find a list of our available AAV products. Please see our Neural Tracer Handbook for more information.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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