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In Vivo Services

In Vivo Services

As an expert in the field of neuroscience, Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in conducting safety and efficacy in vivo assessments to evaluate the pharmacological effects of drug candidates on a range of neurological disorders. We are committed to providing a variety of animal models such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) animal models, Parkinson's disease (PD) animal models, and Huntington's disease (HD) mouse models for scientific research needs. Highly predictive disease models and experience working with leading pharmaceutical companies have made Creative Biolabs the first choice for most neurological research projects.

Overview of CNS Diseases

The central nervous system (CNS) is prone to a variety of diseases, especially prevalent in the aging process. Common CNS diseases include epilepsy, AD, PD, affective disorders, and cognitive impairment. The exploration of function mechanisms and pathological pathways of CNS is a complex and challenging process. Fortunately, multiple animal models that mimic neurological disorders in humans have been successfully established. For example, mouse and rat models with AD have been widely used in many research and assessments. Notably, rodents exhibit some behavioral responses similar to those of humans. Such responses can be analyzed by behavioral tests to assess levels of anxiety, depression, photophobia, addiction, or cognition. The combination of rodent models with behavioral analysis facilitates accurate assessment of target drugs and paves the way for identifying potential risks in disease development, providing a powerful strategy for the investigation of neurological diseases.

Mouse Models and AD.Fig.1 Mouse Models and AD. (Wan, 2020)

What Can We Do About In Vivo Neuroscience Service

After years of accumulation, Creative Biolabs has established an advanced experimental platform and a professional scientist team., which aims to provide global clients with high-quality in vivo neurological services using the most suitable animal models. In addition to different kinds of animal models, other in vivo sampling and testing services are also available within our scope, which generally include but are not limited to:

Why Choose Us

  • Diverse animal models
    Creative Biolabs offers a range of animal models for the research of different diseases, such as AD, PD, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (FTLD), etc.
  • Rigorous experimental process
    All experiments were performed in vivo, on freely moving rodent models of different diseases.
  • Comprehensive experimental analysis
    We offer in vivo tissue collection, behavioral testing, and tissue sampling. To maximize information for each tissue sample, we also perform analyses of biological fluids and tissues.
  • Customized service
    To meet the specific needs of your research or drug discovery project, we also provide customized in vivo models and tests.

If you are interested in our in vivo services, please contact us in time to discuss your plans and our professional scientists will assist with your project.


  1. Wan, Y. W.; et al. Meta-analysis of the Alzheimer's disease human brain transcriptome and functional dissection in mouse models. Cell reports. 2020, 32(2): 107908.
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