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Flexible Fiber Probe for Efficient Neural Stimulation and Detection


Functional probes are a leading contender for the recognition and manipulation of nervous behavior and are characterized by substantial scientific and technological potential. Despite the recent development of functional neural probes, a flexible biocompatible probe unit that allows for long-term simultaneous stimulation and signaling is still an important task. Here, a category of flexible tiny multimaterial fiber probes (<0.3 g) is described in which the metal electrodes are regularly embedded inside a biocompatible polymer fiber with a double-clad optical waveguide by thermal drawing. Significantly, this arrangement enables great improvement in mechanical properties, achieves high optical transmission (>90%), and effectively minimizes the impedance (by up to one order of magnitude) of the probe. This ability allows to realize long-term (at least 10 weeks) simultaneous optical stimulation and neural recording at the single-cell level in behaving mice with signal-to-noise ratio (SNR = 30 dB) that is more than 6 times that of the benchmark probe such as an all-polymer fiber.


Du, M., Huang, L., Zheng, J., Xi, Y., Dai, Y., Zhang, W., ... & Zhou, S. (2020). Flexible fiber probe for efficient neural stimulation and detection. Advanced Science, 7(15), 2001410.

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