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In order to enhance our understanding of the functioning of the nervous system, scientists have successfully cultured neuronal cells in vitro. However, since mature neurons do not undergo cell division, it is particularly challenging to culture neuronal cells. One way to overcome this obstacle is to establish secondary cell lines that are derived from neuronal tumors and have become immortalized. These secondary cell lines can be grown fairly easily in cell culture to give unlimited cell numbers, and they can minimize variability between cultures. But they also have a disadvantage: they will show many important physiological differences with the cell type from which they were derived. Usually, such cell lines are induced to display a more neuronal phenotype by manipulations of the culture conditions, such as the addition of specific growth factors.

Cell culture is very important for in vitro cell line growth and differentiation as well as the development of in vitro neural models, which directly affects the subsequent researches of neural processes and neural drug screening. With extensive experience in neural cell culture, Creative Biolabs provides a portfolio of neural cell culture products meeting our customers’ requirements.

What We Provide

  • Basal Media
  • Specialty Media
  • Cell Culture Supplements
  • Cell Culture Reagents
  • Solutions & Buffers
  • Dyes, Stains & Labels
  • Cell Culture Consumables

We also provide customized product according to customer’s specific need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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