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Lumbar Disk Disease (Herniated Disk)

Lumbar disk disease (Herniated Disk), a major cause of lower back pain, is the drying out of the spongy interior matrix of an intervertebral disc in the spine. It is also known as lumbar spondylosis. Pain, loss of muscle strength and loss of touch sensation may occur in patients with lumbar disk disease. In severe cases, a herniated disc can produce a dysfunction of the nerve.

Lumbar disk disease is caused by a change in the structure of the normal disk. Most of the time, lumbar disk disease results from aging. However, an inheritable gene variation may cause increased susceptibility. Cartilage intermediate-layer protein (CILP) is a normal component of the disk tissue. The CILP variant is hypothesized to disrupt the normal building and maintenance of the cartilage. People with CILP mutant are 1.6 times more likely to develop the disease.

Creative Biolabs has a comprehensive list of bio-reagents involving in lumbar disk disease (herniated disk) research. The following is a part of our featured products that may be associated with your areas of interest.

  • Neural Cell Lines
  • Basal Media
  • Media Supplements
  • Specialty Media
  • Cell Differentiation Media
  • Cell Dyes
  • Neural Cell Culture Antibiotics
  • Assay Kits
  • Buffers & Solutions
  • Neural Antibodies
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  • Antagonists
  • Animal Models
  • Tools & Devices

Creative Biolabs appreciates the critical roles that our products play in research efforts to further Lumbar disk disease (Herniated disk) diagnosis and treatment.

Pathways Related to Creative Biolabs Products of Lumbar Disk Disease (Herniated Disk)

Super pathways Genes
ERK signaling IL6, IL1B, IL1A, COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2
Phospholipase-C pathway IL6, COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2, COL11A1
Focal adhesion THBS2, COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2, COL11A1
Collagen chain trimerization MMP9, COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2, COL11A1
Degradation of the extracellular matrix MMP9, COL9A3, COL9A2, COL11A2, COL11A1, ASPN
T cell receptor signaling pathway IL6, IL1B, IL1A, IFNG
IL-17 family signaling pathway MMP9, IL6, IL1B, IFNG
Toll comparative pathway IL6, IL1B, IL1A, IFNG
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