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Primary CNS Cell-Based Assay

Creative Biolabs has a long-term dedication to providing a full range of services in the neurological research field. We provide comprehensive and customizable primary central nervous system cell-based assays and professional consulting services in order to accelerate the screening of testing compounds. Experts in the field of neurology with academic backgrounds are available to answer your professional questions. Our service will take you through the mechanics of action in central nervous system-related diseases and promote your CNS drug discovery process.

Primary CNS Cells-Based Assay

While human life expectancy is generally increasing, the burden of neurological diseases associated with aging is also increasing, including Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, which has given rise to the urgency of drug development. Despite the advances achieved in neurological diseases, the development of effective treatments for neurological disorders still remains challenging. Therefore, establishing an appropriate in vitro model system could enable researchers comprehensively to understand the pathologic mechanisms of action and screen corresponding drug candidates. Human stem cells, especially patient induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)-derived neural cells after differentiation, have the capacity to mimic parts of disease pathophysiology and are becoming more universally recognized as reliable, scalable drug development methods.

Taking advantage of this property, Creative Biolabs offers stable iPSCs-derived neural cells for customized CNS research and development projects. Our dedicated team and equipment help you to profile and isolate primary CNS cells expressing endogenous targets of interest. Additionally, our primary CNS cell-based assays enable our customers to test the efficacy and toxicity of compounds, including biologic and small molecules, on different iPSCs-derived astrocytes and neurons, which assist in understanding the interaction of those compounds between the neural cells and the central nervous system. Based on extensive experimental data, we will accurately predict and screen effective drug candidates, as well as simulate the mechanism of action studies for multiple CNS-related diseases.

Primary CNS Cell-Based Assay.

Creative Biolabs provides reliable in vitro primary CNS cell-based assay to meet your pathological mechanism research as well as drug discovery and development requirements. We have established stable and functional mature iPSC-derived neural cells for the in vitro assays. We will assist you in the intuitionistic detection of the alterations in the cells of the CNS via high-throughput screening tools, which may be a critical point of mechanism studies and drug discovery. In addition, we offer in vivo histology and ADME pharmacokinetic services to further explore the efficacy and safety of screening compounds, ensuring a comprehensive, customized program for your neurological research and development.

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