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Astrocytes are the most abundant, numerous, and diverse type of glial cells in the central nervous system. They have a number of essential functions, e.g. physical and metabolic support for the normal functioning of neurons and other neuronal cells. An increasing number of studies have shown that astrocytes play a key role in regulating the formation of myelin sheath, which is the process of wrapping axons in myelin sheath, thereby increasing the transmission speed of electrical pulses. In addition, astrocytes coordinate neuronal development by secreting synapse-forming molecules and trimming excess synapses. Astrocyte dysfunction is considered one of the pathological causes of many diseases including trauma, stroke and multiple sclerosis.

They also play a role in:

  • Electrical pulses and synaptic transmission regulation
  • Metabolic support
  • Transmitter absorption and release
  • Glycogen, blood flow and ion concentration regulation
  • Ion concentration adjustment
  • Nutritional support for neurons
  • Metabolites and waste removal
  • Blood-brain barrier maintenance
  • Damage repair of the central nervous system
  • Physical support for brain development
  • Synapse structure and function
  • Formation of colloidal restriction membrane

Creative Biolabs provides a full list of astrocyte cell types derived from mouse, rat and human prepared from freshly isolated and dissociated embryonic or neonatal nerve tissue. With years of experience in neural cell isolation, each batch of astrocytes has undergone extensive testing and optimizations to ensure the high quality and performance provided.

Creative Biolabs's product portfolio also includes reliable cell differentiation media, optimized serum-free culture media, medium additives, key cell markers and research antibodies.

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