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Ion transporter (or ion pump) is an integrated transmembrane protein that actively transports ions through biological membranes, resulting in the generation of electrical signals. The working direction of ion pumps is reversely related to their concentration gradient, so energy input generated by ATP hydrolysis is needed in the process. Ion transporters belong to the family of ATPases and solute carriers and are very important for maintaining the proper concentrations of various ions in the appropriate subcellular and intercellular compartments.

Ion transporters are different from ion channels. The ion channel allows for respective ions to flow down its concentration gradient, thereby equalizing the concentration on both sides of the cell membrane. The ion channel achieves this by diffusion, a passive transmission process. In contrast, ion transporters actively transport ions by moving them against their concentration gradients. The gradients created by this process can then be used as energy sources by secondary transporters or other proteins.

Ion Pumps/Transporters

Creative Biolabs has been committed to developing the most advanced experimental reagents to assist neurobiological research.

We provide a series of products for ion pumps and transporters research, including monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, labeled antibodies, proteins, analytical kits, and small molecule activators and inhibitors.

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