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Oligodendrocytes exist only in the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. They form myelin sheaths, providing support and insulation for the axons of the central nervous system of some vertebrates. They are equivalent to Schwann's functional peripheral nervous system cells. It is estimated that a single oligodendrocyte can protect 50 axons.

One of the challenges in the culture of primary oligodendrocytes is that they usually contain heterogeneous cell populations, including astrocytes and microglia. Creative Biolabs offers attractive proliferative clonal cell lines from a variety of origins, and a large number of homogeneous cells can be produced. Cultivation of these cells in the appropriate medium provided by us can induce further differentiation. Therefore, these cell lines can be used as a model for studying immune oligodendrocyte damage associated with neural diseases.

Creative Biolabs's product portfolio also includes reliable cell differentiation media, optimized serum-free culture media, medium additives, key cell markers and research antibodies.

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