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pAAV-hSyn1-mRuby2-GSG-P2A-GCaMP6s-WPRE -pA

[CAT#: NTA-2011-ZP78]

Viral vector tools for calcium imaging.

Tracer Type:
Virus Vector/Partical
Calcium Sensor

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Calcium imaging refers to the use of calcium ion indicators to monitor the concentration of calcium ions in cells, tissues or culture media. This technique is widely used to study calcium signaling in neuronal activity in vivo and in vitro.

Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive list of neural AAV viral tracing tools for calcium imaging.
Tracer Type
Virus Vector/Partical
Functional Gene
Virus Type
Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV)
Calcium Sensor
Application Notes
How to use calcium virus imaging tools for research?
Step1: Choose the appropriate calcium ion indicator
Calcium ion indicators are divided into chemiluminescent indicators and GECI indicators. Among them, GECI indicators GCaMP6f and GCaMP6s are widely used in in vivo calcium imaging research.
Step2: Transport the calcium ion indicator to the target site
The chemiluminescent indicator is usually pierced by an electrode or entered into the target site by means of acetoxymethyl and dextrose, while the GECI indicator is mainly introduced to the target site by means of viral infection.
Step3: Collect signals and record the results
Calcium imaging technology is usually used in conjunction with microscopy to record changes in calcium ions
Research Areas
Neural Circuit Mapping
Direction of Transport
Cell Types
Key Components
Normal expression
Research Use Only
For research use only.
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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