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As forward-looking research as well as a leading custom service provider in the field of neuroscience research, Creative Biolabs has won a good reputation among our worldwide customers for accomplishing numerous challenging projects including ion channel profiling. We work to amplify your success in a highly collaborative manner.

Introduction to Ion Channel

Ion channels refer to pore-forming membrane proteins that allow ions to pass through the channel pore. In general, Ion channels locate in the membranes of all cells, as well as various intracellular organelles, and regulate a wide range of physiological processes, such as establishing resting membrane potentials, shaping action potentials and other electrical signals, as well as regulating cell volume. Furthermore, these ion channels are closely related to various neural activities, serving as important regulators in the nervous system. Therefore, ion channels, as common targets for toxins and therapeutics, always being the focus of neuroscience research.

Fluorescence-based ion flux assay formats.Fig.1 Fluorescence-based ion flux assay formats. (Dunlop, 2008)

Our Featured Ion Channel Screening Services

In the drug development process, the identification of target specificity and potential off-target effects are essential for compound drugs. Creative Biolabs has established a range of functional, manual, and automated ion channel screening methods for the evaluation of specific targets. Based on our established electrophysiology, label-free, and fluorescence-based screening platform, rapid and reliable data from ion channel screening for novel therapy development can be obtained. Our assay technologies include conventional manual patch-clamp electrophysiology, automated electrophysiology, as well as plate-based impedance and microelectrode array techniques.

Working to customers' specific needs, we are willing to create stable cell lines expressing various ion channels to meet your criteria. High throughput screening adaptable to a wide range of formats presents broad utility for ion channel study. Here, proper controls also are necessary to test compounds that directly or indirectly affect ion channel targets of interest.

Features of Our Ion Channel Profiling Services

  • High-quality and well-characterized ion channel stable cell lines.
  • Both voltage-gated channels and ligand-gated channels are available.
  • Optimized electrophysiological assays allow advancement from ion channel screening to lead to optimization.
  • Fully customizable experimental design to expand beyond standard procedure.
  • Affordable price with the best quality.

Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who are professional in applying advanced ion channel screening strategies for drug discovery. We are confident in offering high-quality ion channel profiling services for our clients all over the world. If you are interested in our services and products, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


  1. Dunlop, J.; et al. Ion channel screening. Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening. 2008, 11(7): 514-522.
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