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Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Channel Related Research Reagents

Transient receptor potential channels (also known as TRP channels) are a superfamily of ion channels in cell membranes and are mainly located on the plasma membrane of many animal cell types. These channels are involved in various types of sensory receptions, including sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch and heat penetration and osmotic pressure. The TRP channel superfamily is a popular research target because it shows greater diversity in the activation mechanism and selectivity compared to other ion channel groups. TRP channels have relatively non-selective permeability to cations including sodium, calcium and magnesium. In addition, TRP channels are activated and regulated by various stimuli and involved in a large number of physiological and pathophysiological processes. Therefore, the study of TRP channels is imperative for researchers to understand subcellular biochemistry.

The phylogenic tree of human TRP channels. Fig.1 The phylogenic tree of human TRP channels.

Ion channel research requires a series of scientific research products. Creative Biolabs has been devoted to the research and development of the most advanced reagents to assist ion channel research. Our product portfolio covers a complete list of ion channel activators and blockers, monoclonal antibodies, labeled antibodies, proteins and assay kits.

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