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Intracellular Mg2+ is important for mediating DNA synthesis, enzymatic reactions, hormonal secretion, and muscular contraction. To facilitate the investigation of magnesium's role in different cellular functions, fluorescent indicators at Creative Biolabs are designed to deliver ratiometric or intensity-based signals for reporting Mg2+ concentration using UV or visible excitation. Our popular ready-to-use catalogues are typically available for immediate shipment.

Magnesium Indicators

Magnesium Indicators at a Glance

Magnesium indicators are useful for measuring relief of NMDA channel blockade and entry through L-type Ca2+ channels in cardiac excitability. Measurements using fluorescent Mg2+ indicators are somewhat more demanding than intracellular Ca2+ determinations because physiological changes in Mg2+ concentration are relatively small. Mg2+ indicators are generally designed to maximally respond to the Mg2+ concentrations commonly found in cells, typically ranging from about 0.1 mM to 6 mM.

Features of our Magnesium Indicators

Creative Biolabs offers different fluorescent Magnesium indicators based on the tricarboxylate APTRA chelator for investigating the influence of intracellular Mg2+ concentration on various cellular functions, such as furaptra, mag-indo-1, and mag-fura-5. For applications such as flow cytometry and confocal laser scanning microscopy, we offer a series of long wave length-excitable Mg2+ indicators such as mag-fluo-4. The long wave length-excitable indicators exhibit Mg2+-dependent fluorescence increases without an accompanying spectral shift.

  • UV or visible excitation
  • Ratiometric or intensity-based measurement

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