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Hydrazide & Biocytin Related Products

Hydrazides and biocytins are a class of cell tracers that can be fixed by aldehyde. These low molecular weight (<1,000 Da) polar tracers cross gap junctions and follow neuronal projections. Biocytin hydrazide provides a variety of fluorescent colors and can be used in multiples with other probes. Biocytins are easy to accept secondary detection for effective signal amplification.


Advantages of hydrazide and biocytin for neuron staining:

  • Loading by microinjection or iontophoresis
  • Can be fixed and light stable
  • Able to connect through gapss
  • Use direct detection or signal amplification


With low molecular weight and bright fluorescent signals, these cell-impermeable polar tracers can be used to track neuronal projections and study gap junctions. They have immobility and light stability, and provide a variety of colors, and can be multiplexed with other fluorescent probes. The fluorescent streptavidin conjugate can also be used to detect the signal signal to detect biotin.

Since they are connected across gaps, biocytosine and hydrazide are often used together with labeled dextran retained in the cell to study neuronal communication.

Hydrazides Biocytins
Readout Direct fluorescence imaging of cells

Direct fluorescence imaging of cells; biocytins easily accept secondary detection to amplify weak signals
Tissue sections Yes Yes
In vivo neurons Yes Yes
Fixed tissue sections No No
Cultured cells Yes Yes
Cell loading Microinjection, iontophoresis Microinjection, iontophoresis
Staining mode Endogenous Endogenous
Best for Single cells Endogenous
Transport Bidirectional Bidirectional
Photobleaching resistance
Synaptic transfer No No
Gap junction transfer Yes Yes
Cat. No. Product Name Standard filter set(s) Fluorophore Ex/Em (nm)
NTA-2011-ZP80 Alexa Fluor® 350 Hydrazide DAPI Alexa Fluor® 350 346/442
NTA-2011-ZP81 Alexa Fluor® 488 Hydrazide FITC Alexa Fluor® 488 495/519
NTA-2011-ZP82 Alexa Fluor® 568 Hydrazide Rhodamine Alexa Fluor® 568 578/603
NTA-2011-ZP83 Alexa Fluor® 594 Hydrazide Texas Red® Alexa Fluor® 594 590/617
NTA-2011-ZP84 Alexa Fluor® 555 Hydrazide TRITC Alexa Fluor® 555 555/565
NTA-2011-ZP85 Alexa Fluor® 633 Hydrazide Texas Red® Alexa Fluor® 633 632/647
NTA-2011-ZP86 Alexa Fluor® 647 Hydrazide Cy®5 Alexa Fluor® 647 650/668
Cat. No. Product Name Standard filter set(s) Fluorophore Ex/Em (nm)
NTA-2011-ZP87 Alexa Fluor® 488 Biocytin FITC Alexa Fluor® 488 495/519
NTA-2011-ZP89 Alexa Fluor® 594 Biocytin Texas Red® Alexa Fluor® 594 590/617

In addition to reactive dye formulations, we also provide AlexaFluor dyes conjugated with a variety of antibodies, peptides, proteins, tracers and amplification substrates to optimize cell labeling and detection. Please contact us for more details.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.

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