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Nervous tissue in the nervous system controls and regulates the bodily functions and activities of almost all creatures through the ability to generate and transmit excitatory nerve impulses. Disorders of the nervous system, including the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, can lead to a series of neuromas, neurodegenerative diseases, and even rare diseases. Similarly, the study of such diseases is often inseparable from the corresponding experimental animal disease models and ex vivo research. Histology analysis is the first step after constructing disease models and sampling tissues. This process symbolizes the development of your experiment from in vitro to ex vivo, from macroscopic observation of behavior to deep research of pathology, cell biology, and molecular biology. A complete and stable histology analysis can ensure the results of your complex front-end experiments and a good foundation for the success of your subsequent research.

With our rich experimental experience and cutting-edge theoretical basis, Creative Biolabs now provides a full range of histology services from sample preparation to providing detailed and reliable research reports to customers around the world. For general histological analysis, our protocol is as follows:

Obtaining Samples

You can choose a specific standardized disease animal model for us to start the experiment directly, or you can hand over the treated experimental animal to our staff, we will carefully store and transport your precious sample, and handle it professionally.

Dissection and Embedding

Our well-trained experimental team can dissect, trim, dehydrate and embed your samples through standardized default procedures. Depending on your needs, we can adjust our procedures and choose the tissue of interest, the specified trimming surface, or an embedding material other than paraffin.


With our outstanding expertise, we can process your samples to specific thicknesses in any direction by different approaches and collect the tissue as you required.


We have a wealth of experience in immunological staining and histological staining. In addition to the commonly used hematoxylin-eosin, cresyl violet, Prussian blue and other staining methods are also available for you to choose from. Our well-trained staffs are also happy to communicate with you to establish custom dyeing solutions based on your needs.


We provide you with automated, comprehensive, multi-dimensional high-resolution fluorescence imaging through professional and advanced microscopy equipment.

Prostate and adjacent structures of mice.Fig 1. Prostate and adjacent structures of mice. (Ittmann, 2018)

Image Analysis and Reporting

We use efficient software solutions to automatically analyze images for you to accurately and conveniently analyze the different characteristics of tissues in normal and pathological states. You can also select areas of interest or characteristic changes to allow us to provide you with more targeted data. In addition to this, our biostatistics team can also conduct an unbiased and representative statistical analysis of your data and conduct detailed quality checks on the measurement process and results.

Creative Biolabs provides our clients with one-stop histological analysis services, and you can also choose some of these specific procedures to simplify your experiments. In addition, we are also happy to communicate with you to adjust, improve or develop new test methods to meet various needs. If you are preparing for histological analysis, we invite you to contact us and ensure that a suitable solution can be proposed to meet your demands.


  1. Ittmann, M. Anatomy and Histology of the Human and Murine Prostate. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2018, 8: a030346.
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