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The nervous system is made up of neurons (nerves and specialized cells) and its main faction is to transmit signals between different parts of the body. Specifically, the nervous system contains two members: the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system.

Molecules which is actively secreted or shed from the cell surface by proteolytic cleavage constituted the extracellular environment of the nervous system. Protein secretion of the nervous system is related to the release of proteins by highly specialized vesicular transport systems. Besides, one of the main mechanisms for the production of extracellular molecules is through a process called shedding in which the ectodomains of transmembrane proteins are released from the cell surface via cleavage from the membrane. Growth factors like insulin can regulate the rate of release of these molecules, and it is usually mediated by metalloproteases. What’s more, in the context of adhesion and receptor molecules, shed membrane ectodomains is able to play as soluble competitive ligands for their membrane-bound counterpart. Thus, secreted and shed molecules play essential roles within the nervous system.

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Our Advantages

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  • Recombinant or native
  • Small differences in batch
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