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Fluorescent Neuronal Tracers

The morphology and connectivity of neurons are key components of neuron function. Techniques used to track neural networks can be divided into techniques used to track individual cells and techniques used to monitor cell populations. Although most fluorescent probes are effective in experiments involving fresh tissue sections and cultured cells, there are still special requirements for fixed tissue and in vivo imaging.

Fluorescent tracers have the advantage of direct imaging, or they can be used as haptens for antibodies or streptavidin dye conjugates for signal amplification.

Creative Biolabs’ NeuroTrace™ molecular probe labeling and detection tools include multiple probe options for dissecting neural networks and their functions, and each type of probe has an extensive fluorescent color palette. Fast Blue (FB), Dia Yellow (DY), True Blue (TB) and Granular Blue (GB) are the most commonly used fluorescent dyes as retrograde neuron tracers. FB is the preferred tracer for retrograde neuron labeling in long-term experiments. FB can be used alone or with other types of fluorescent tracking dyes to map neuronal pathways.When used in combination with FB, TB, or GB, DY is effective in dual-label experiments designed to demonstrate the presence of different axon collaterals.

The NeuroTrace™ Tracer offers several advantages over biocytin and other neuronal labels:

  • Better solubility
  • More efficient iontophoresis
  • Stay in the cell longer
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be fixed with formalin or glutaraldehyde

Popular Fluorescent Neuronal Tracers

Cat Product Name Excitation (nm) Emission (nm)
NTA-2011-ZP29 Fast Blue (FB) 365 420
NTA-2011-ZP31 True Blue (TB) Diaceturate Salt 365 405
NTA-2011-ZP32 Granular Blue (GB) Dihydrochloride 365 410

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