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Urea Transporters

Urea transporter is a transmembrane transporter that can transport urea. Humans and other mammals have two types of urea transporters, namely urea transporter (UT)-A and UT-B. UT-A transporter protein is mainly expressed in the renal epithelial cells and is important for the transportation of renal urea. UT-B has a wider distribution in the kidney, heart, brain, testis, urinary tract and other tissues. In the kidneys, the absence of UT-A1 / UT-A3 can lead to polyuria and severe defects in urine concentration, suggesting that intrarenal urea recycling plays a vital role in the overall capacity of urine concentration. In addition, urea transporters can be inhibited by urea analogs (such as thiourea) and glycosides (such as adrenaline). Urea can cause osmosis in the kidney's collection tube and their inhibitory effect leads to diuresis. Evidence indicates that UTs are a target for the development of salt-preserving diuretics, with potential pharmacological prospects.

The study of the urea transporter mechanism requires a series of scientific research products. Creative Biolabs has been devoted to the research and development of the most advanced reagents to assist urea transporter research. Our product portfolio covers a complete list of reagents targeting urea transporter protein, including small molecule activators and blockers, monoclonal antibodies, labeled antibodies, recombinant proteins and assay kits.

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