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Ex Vivo Brain Slice Assay

Background of Brain Slice Electrophysiology

The acute brain slice preparation is easily accessible for electrophysiological and optical recording. Ex vivo brain slice electrophysiology is a valuable tool for studying neuronal activities, including neuronal membrane properties, intrinsic excitability, synaptic transmission, and synaptic plasticity of a synapse or neural circuit in isolation from the rest of the brain. In addition, ex vivo brain slice electrophysiology is also extensively used in novel drug development. The direct visualization of brain slices without the restriction of the blood-brain barrier enables stimulation of the electrode activity in the region of interest with direct access to test compounds and accurate recording of its electrode activity. Therefore, translating basic rodent study data into electrophysiological studies of human ex vivo brain specimens could provide an important knowledge baseline for human neurological and psychiatric disorders and effective novel therapy development.

Ex Vivo Brain Slice Assay

Electrophysiological recordings offered by Creative Biolabs can be applied to acutely prepared rodent brain slices from any brain tissue, including the spinal cord, neocortex, hippocampus, cortex, thalamus, etc. Our platform enables researchers to investigate active/passive membrane properties, short-term/long-term synaptic plasticity, and synaptic transmission by performing patch clamp technology and multi-electrode array (MEAs) assay. In addition, calcium imaging of rodent brain slices that is used to detect the firing activity of small neuronal subpopulations is also available.

Creative Biolabs offers reliable ex vivo brain slice assays that recapitulate brain features in both healthy and pathological conditions with 3D brain slices. Researchers can thus identify the pathophysiological mechanisms of neurological diseases and compare the efficacy of novel drug candidates on synaptic transmission through our advanced platform. If you want to learn more details about ex vivo brain slice assays and design your drug development programs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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