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NeuCELL™ Human Neural Progenitor Cell Line, Immortalized

[CAT#: NCL-2108-P003]

NeuCELL™ is an immortalized human neural progenitor cell line with the ability to readily differentiate into neurons & glial cells.

Cell Culture
Cell Types:
Neural Stem Cell; Neural Progenitor Cell

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An immortalised cell line of human neural progenitors called NeuCELL™ CX may easily develop into neurons and glial cells. The cortical area of the human foetal brain served as the source for NeuCELL™ CX. The c-myc oncogene was immortalised by retroviral transduction, and this cell line expands quickly as a monolayer on laminin with a doubling period of 20-30 hours. According to karyotype investigations, the NeuCELL™ CX maintains a typical diploid karyotype in culture even after numerous passages (more than 45 passages). Numerous research projects involving neurotoxicity, neurogenesis, electrophysiology, and the roles of neurotransmitters and receptors can be carried out using NeuCELL™ CX.

Cell Types

Neural Stem Cell; Neural Progenitor Cell


Cell Culture

Application Notes

NeuCELL™ can be used in a 3D cell model of Alzheimer's Disease!




>1x10^6 Cells

Tissue Source

Human cortical brain tissue

Research Use Only

For research use only

Quality Control

Each lot of NeuCELL™ cells has been validated for high level of expression of Nestin and Sox 2 and for their self-renewal and multi-lineage differentiation capacities. Cells also display normal karyotype as assessed by chromosome spread and tested negative for mycoplasma. Maternal blood has been screened for HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B and C.
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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