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Neuronal Mitochondrial Activity Assay

Creative Biolabs is a reputable and innovative biotechnology company. After decades of accumulation, we have become a leader in the field of neuroscience. With our advanced platform and extensive expertise, we are committed to providing professional one-stop neuronal mitochondrial activity assay services for customers all over the world to accelerate your neuroscience research projects.

The Influence of Mitochondria on NDs

In recent years, the relationship between mitochondria and neurodegenerative diseases (NDs) has come into focus. Mitochondria are key regulators of calcium homeostasis as well as metabolism in neurons. Furthermore, the extremely dynamic nature of mitochondria favors their distribution in the neuronal periphery. Mitochondrial dysfunction and altered mitochondrial dynamics have been observed in a variety of contexts, from impaired neuronal development to various NDs. Evidence suggests that mitochondrial dynamics are not only associated with neurodegeneration but also closely related to nerve regeneration. In recent years, advances in these new technologies offer promising prospects for uncovering the impact of mitochondria on endoplasmic reticulum calcium regulation, glial cell function, neurogenesis, and neuronal repair. Moreover, neuronal mitochondrial deficiency is associated with a variety of NDs, thus, induction of mitochondrial activity has been proposed as an attractive neuroprotective approach.

Mitochondrion physiological functions in the cell. Fig.1 Mitochondrion physiological functions in the cell. (Panchal & Tiwari, 2019)

Assays for Neuronal Mitochondrial Activity

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in mitochondrial activity testing, and we have successfully developed a variety of assays for mitochondrial activity assessment. Among the various detection methods, fluorescence assay is one of the most common methods. In the fluorescence assay, fluorescent dyes are used to observe mitochondrial activity in neurons. Using specific green fluorescent dye to stain mitochondrial mass, we visualized all mitochondria in the target sample. Using specific red fluorescent dye can visualize organelles with active oxidative phosphorylation. When performing simultaneous staining, co-localization of the two combined dyes shows yellow active mitochondria. What's more, other methods have also been applied at Creative Biolabs to further explore mitochondrial activity, such as in situ probing of mitochondria.

Cell Models at Creative Biolabs

Understanding the interactions between mitochondrial function, energy metabolism, and neuronal activity is beneficial for exploring the pathophysiology of various neurological disorders. At Creative Biolabs, the combination of our fluorescence imaging technology, electrophysiology, and brain slice preparation provides an attractive tool for studying mitochondrial function during neuronal activity. In addition to advanced technology platforms, we have developed a variety of animal models, these models include but are not limited to:

Features of Our Services

  • Professional team - our neuroscience experts have sufficient knowledge of the mitochondrial function and neuronal properties. Our experts specialize in correlating research conducted in brain slice preparation with findings from in vivo or dissociated neuronal cultures.
  • Advanced platform - we have state-of-the-art equipment as well as diverse cell models.
  • Fast turnaround time - our customer-oriented team of seasoned experts provides cost-effective neuronal mitochondrial activity assay services with fast turnaround times.
  • Reliable results - we will provide reliable lab reports with timely updates.

Mitochondrial activity induction has extremely broad application prospects in neurodegenerative disease. As an expert in neuroscience, Creative Biolabs specializes in providing customized mitochondrial activity assays according to each client's unique needs. If you have any questions about mitochondria and ND projects, please contact us for professional assistance.


  1. Panchal, K.; Tiwari, A. K. Mitochondrial dynamics, a key executioner in neurodegenerative diseases. Mitochondrion. 2019, 47: 151-173.
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