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Ischemic Stroke In Vitro Assay

Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive suite of advanced In Vitro assays specifically tailored to study ischemic stroke. These assays utilize neuronal cell cultures or brain tissue samples to simulate the ischemic environment and study the impact on various cellular processes. By manipulating key parameters, such as oxygen and glucose availability, researchers can mimic the conditions observed during ischemic stroke and evaluate cellular responses.

Our Ischemic Stroke Assay Models

Creative Biolabs offers a range of Ischemic Stroke In Vitro Assay models that faithfully recapitulate the pathophysiological features of ischemic stroke. These models incorporate both neuronal and non-neuronal cell types to simulate the complex interactions within the ischemic microenvironment.

Our commonly used assay models for ischemic stroke research include:

Neuronal Cell Culture Models

Neuronal Cell Culture Models

Neuronal cell culture models, such as primary neurons or neuronal cell lines, form the cornerstone of ischemic stroke research. Culturing these cells under conditions that mimic oxygen and glucose deprivation enables the study of cellular responses and the identification of neuroprotective compounds.

Co-culture Models

Co-culture Models

Co-culture models involve the combination of neurons with astrocytes, microglia, or endothelial cells, enable the examination of cell-cell interactions and the contribution of non-neuronal cells to ischemic injury.

3D Brain Organoids

3D Brain Organoids

We provide cutting-edge 3D brain organoid models that closely resemble the cellular diversity and organization of the brain tissue. These organoids can be subjected to ischemia-like conditions, offering a unique platform for studying the impact of ischemic stroke on neuronal networks.

Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Models

Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Models

Dysfunction of the BBB is a key feature of ischemic stroke. Creative Biolabs offers advanced BBB models that faithfully reproduce the barrier properties, allowing for investigations into BBB integrity, transport mechanisms, and drug permeability in the context of ischemic stroke.

Our Ischemic Stroke Assay Readouts

Our ischemic stroke assays can provide important readouts that help researchers understand the underlying mechanisms of ischemic stroke and evaluate potential therapeutic interventions. Our studies encompass several areas to analyze the different stages of the cell death process and the potential recovery of damaged neurons. Some specific assays and analyses we perform include:

  • Caspase 3-7 Activation
  • LDH Release
  • Neurite Outgrowth Study
  • Neural Cell Viability
  • Mitochondrial Damage
  • Oxidative Stress

Assay Workflow

Creative Biolabs follows a rigorous workflow to ensure the robustness and reproducibility of Ischemic Stroke In Vitro Assays.

Assay Design and Optimization
Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to design customized In Vitro assays tailored to their specific research objectives. Factors such as cell type, ischemia duration, and readout methods are carefully considered to ensure optimal assay performance and reproducibility.
Experimental Execution
Precise sample preparation is crucial for obtaining consistent and reliable data. Our skilled scientists employ advanced techniques to isolate and culture cells, prepare brain organoids, and establish BBB models with utmost precision. Experiments are executed meticulously, adhering to strict quality control measures.
Data Analysis and Interpretation
At Creative Biolabs, we understand the importance of robust data analysis and interpretation. Our dedicated bioinformaticians and data scientists employ cutting-edge analytical tools to extract meaningful insights from complex datasets. We provide detailed reports and comprehensive data analysis, empowering researchers to draw accurate conclusions and make informed decisions.

Options for Collaborating with Creative Biolabs

  • Order ischemic stroke cell models for use in your lab
    If you are interested in ordering ischemic stroke cell models and perform the assay in your lab, we offer a convenient and flexible supply of ischemic stroke research cell models.
  • Cat. Product Name
    NCL-0723-ZP8 Rat Primary Neurons
    NCL-0723-ZP9 Mouse Primary Neurons
    NRZP-0723-ZP1 iNeu™ Neuron, Astrocyte, Microglia Co-culture Kit
    NCL-2103-P187 Human 3D Blood Brain Barrier Model, Ready-to-Use
    NRZP-0822-ZP250 Human iPSC-derived Neural Forebrain Organoids
    NRZP-0822-ZP251 Human iPSC-derived Neural Midbrain Organoids
  • Outsource your experiments to us
    We offer a dependable and efficient service that involves collaborative experiment design to meet your specific needs. Please contact us today to explore the possibilities of collaborating with our organization.
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