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Lentiviral Packaging Mix

[CAT#: NCC200563ZP]

An optimized formulation of third generation of packaging plasmids.

Virus Production
Cell Types:
Neural Lineage Cell

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Product Overview


The lentiviral packaging mixture is a ready-to-use third-generation HIV-based lentiviral packaging system in which the plasmid expresses the elements required for lentiviral production. In order to produce high-quality lentiviral particles, only the lentiviral expression vector containing the target gene is needed. The lentiviral packaging mixture contains the necessary packaging vectors, which contain viral structural proteins and envelope vectors to express the vesicular stomatitis virus glycoprotein (VSVG). The lentiviral packaging mixture does not rely on TAT because it only supports lentiviral expression vectors with chimeric 5'LTR, where the HIV promoter is replaced by CMV or RSV.

Cell Types

Neural Lineage Cell

Species Reactivity

Human; Mouse; Rat


Virus Production

Research Areas

Stem Cell Research


Ambient temperature


Store at -20 °C

Handling Advices

For a 100 mm lentiviral packaging culture dish, 2.5 μg of the lentiviral expression vector was mixed with 20 μl of the lentiviral packaging mixture.
For a 150 mm lentiviral-packed petri dish, 5 μg of the lentiviral expression vector was mixed with 40 μl of the lentiviral packaging mixture.

Quality Control

Human embryonic kidney 293 cells were used for functional testing of each batch of lentiviral packaging mix in the transfection assay.

Shelf Life

Stored according to the instructions, this product can be stored stably for 6 months. The freeze-thaw cycle should be minimized by dividing it into disposable aliquots. Store aliquots in the refrigerator at -20°C until ready to use.

Research Use Only

For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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