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Neural Stem Cell Freezing Medium (1X) (Human&Mouse)

[CAT#: NCC200532ZP]

Optimized & validated for Stem cell culture.

Cell Cryopreservation; Stem Cell Culture
Cell Types:
Neural Stem Cell; Neural Progenitor Cell

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Product Overview

Cell Types

Neural Stem Cell; Neural Progenitor Cell

Species Reactivity

Human; Mouse


Cell Cryopreservation; Stem Cell Culture

Research Areas

Stem Cell Research


Contains 10% DMSO



Serum Level



Dry ice


Store at -20°C.

Handling Advices

1. Thaw the cell culture freezing medium completely and gently rotate the bottle to mix thoroughly. During use, place the freezing medium on ice.
2. The cells to be frozen should be in the late logarithmic growth phase.

3. The single layer will need to dissociate. After dissociation, the cells were resuspended in neural stem cell basal medium and counted to determine viability and number.

4. Centrifuge the cells at 300 x g for 3 minutes. Remove the medium above the pellet.

5. Resuspend the cells in neural stem cell freezing medium at a concentration of approximately 4 x 106 cells / mL. Freeze 1 mL cells / vial. After the cells are resuspended and aliquoted into appropriate cryogenic storage flasks, they can be placed in a freezing container and the normal freezing procedure should begin within five minutes.

6. Cells must be stored at -80 ° C or below. For long-term storage, cells should be stored in an ultra-low temperature refrigerator (-150 ° C) or liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C).

Research Use Only

For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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