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FSH Functional Assay

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is a glycosylated protein hormone that is synthesized and secreted in large quantities in the pituitary gland, and it is collectively referred to as gonadotropin along with the luteinizing hormone. FSH is named for its stimulating effect on the maturation of female follicles and plays a decisive role in the growth and physical development of the body, puberty, and reproduction for both males and females. To analyze the activity of FSH, Creative Biolabs provides FSH functional assay using professional and advanced technical approaches to enforce the project for our global clients.

What is Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH)?

FSH is a glycoprotein in the activated form of a glycosylated dimer with approximately 210 amino acids, which is mainly secreted by gonadotropins in the anterior pituitary. Its synthesis and secretion are enhanced by gonadotropin-releasing hormone. FSH acts as a key regulator of mammalian reproduction. FHS exerts its biological effects through reacting with FSH receptor and stimulatory Gαs proteins thereby initiating downstream signaling through the cAMP/PKA pathway. Then activate cAMP regulatory element-binding proteins and several other factors to regulate gene expression in target tissues.

Cross-talk between FSH-dependent signal pathways. Fig 1. Cross-talk between FSH-dependent signal pathways. (Casarini & Crépieux, 2019)

FSH Functional Assay

FSH is a very important hormone for both men and women. In men, FSH stimulates Sertoli cell proliferation and spermatogenesis. In women, FSH plays an essential role in ovarian folliculogenesis and stimulates immature follicles to develop into Graff's follicles. Recent studies have also demonstrated that FSH continues to contribute during pregnancy. The function of FSH can be assessed in several ways. Immunology and molecular biology methods can be commonly used to qualitatively or quantitatively analyze the expression of FSH gene or the state of protein synthesis. In addition, the determination of some downstream products of FSH also could reflect the functional status of FSH. These molecules include early signal molecules and late products such as androgen-binding proteins.

FSHR expression imaging by micrograph. Fig 2. FSHR expression imaging by micrograph. (Stilley & Segalogg, 2018)

What We Can Do about FSH Functional Assay?

FSH plays a crucial role in reproductive-related physiological processes. Abnormal FSH expression and secretion can lead to many diseases, such as primary hypogonadism, primary amenorrhea, secondary hypogonadism, Sheehan syndrome, tumor, etc. Besides, FSH also has potential pharmacological advantages to improve assisted reproductive technology.

At Creative Biolabs, our scientific team provides professional and first-class FSH functional assays by using validated cell lines stably expressing FSHR and determining the biological activity of FSH by measuring the downstream cell products. In addition to providing stable and reliable data feedback through western blotting or molecular biology analysis, some commonly used animal models, cell lines and corresponding gene knockout services are also available.

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