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After decades of accumulation, Creative Biolabs has developed into a pioneer in the field of neuroscience. With a comprehensive platform and dedicated scientists, we are confident in providing standard and custom in vivo and in vitro assays to accelerate preclinical sleep disorders drug discovery.

Introduction to Sleep Disorder

Sleep has long been considered a sophisticated biological process. While sleeping, the body and brain are not at rest, they do a lot of pivotal work and help keep us healthy. Therefore, physical and mental health and daily activities can be severely impacted when sleep is problematic. Some of the hallmarks of sleep disorder include lethargy, irregular breathing, and increased movement during sleep. As we all know, narcolepsy and insomnia are typical sleep troubles in daily life. A variety of factors are closely related to sleep disorders. For instance, various diseases, such as lung disease, anxiety, and depression can adversely affect sleep. In addition to this, drugs and genetics are also closely related to sleep problems. Notably, caffeine and alcohol, irregular schedules, and aging also contribute to the disorder. Sleep disorders can usually be improved with regular sleep habits. Chronic insomnia is often treated with a combination of sleep medication and behavioral techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Also, some antidepressants are valid to treat insomnia.

Fig.1 Various neuropsychiatric disorders that may coexist with narcolepsy.Fig.1 Various neuropsychiatric disorders that may coexist with narcolepsy. (BaHammam, 2020)

Our Capabilities in Sleep Disorder Drug Discovery

As a leader in drug discovery for neurological diseases, Creative Biolabs is confident in accelerating drug discovery research by using our industry-leading portfolio of drug discovery solutions. Our integrated approach has been successful in delivering timely and cost-effective solutions and generating new intellectual property. A wide range of in vivo and in vitro models as well as characteristic assays are the foundation of our high-quality service.

Fig.2 Sleep disorder drug discovery service.Fig.2 Sleep disorder drug discovery service. (Creative Biolabs)

Various Animal Models

Despite many differences in sleep between animals and humans, there are many similarities between humans and rodents in sleep homeostasis regulation, sensitivity to endogenous and environmental factors, and responses to wake-promoting and hypnotic drugs. This is the premise of using animal models to study sleep disorders. In short, animal models are essential to screen potential target compounds. At Creative Biolabs, animal models for prevalent sleep disorders are available, such as animal models of insomnia, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, and sleep apnea.

Featured Cellular Models

What Can We Do?

Our experienced scientists with strong expertise in sleep disorders drug discovery are committed to advancing your most promising preclinical drug screens. Specializing in standard and custom in vivo and in vitro assays, we focus on providing our clients with flexible and cost-effective solutions. If you have any difficulties with your drug development project, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.


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