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Drug addiction is a chronic relapsing encephalopathy, which not only causes serious mental and physical damage to the addicts themselves but also poses a major threat to social progress and human civilization. It is a major medical and social problem that needs to be solved urgently. However, there is no ideal drug for addiction. Creative Biolabs has been a world leader in neuroscience for many years. We focus on providing customized services according to your project needs, including but not limited to animal model construction, in vivo and in vitro assays as well as feature assays to accelerate your addictive drug development.

Overview of Addiction Drug Discovery

The essence of addiction is a neuropsychiatric disorder based on drug-induced changes in gene expression and synaptic plasticity, characterized by strong demand for drug use despite severe consequences. Drug addiction memory is comprehensively strengthened by the positive reward of the addictive drug and the negative emotion of withdrawal. Once formed, it persists for a long time and is difficult to fade away. Repeated use of drugs often affects brain function and impairs self-control. Drug addiction and abuse are related to a variety of factors. The genes that people are born with account for about half of the risk of addiction. Furthermore, environmental factors such as stress, early exposure to drugs, and parental guidance can greatly influence the likelihood of drug addiction. Currently, treatments for substance abuse include psychotherapy, medication, and a combination of the two. Drugs of abuse are small, non-immunogenic molecules that cannot be detected by the immune system, allowing them to cross the blood-brain barrier, which generally includes receptor agonists, partial agonists, antagonists, aversion therapy, and antidepressants. Research shows that combining medication with counseling gives most people the best chance of success. Therefore, effective drug development for addiction is highly necessary.

Fig.1 Addiction drug discovery services.Fig.1 Addiction drug discovery services. (Creative Biolabs)

In Vitro and In Vivo Models

The new technology of patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) offers new opportunities for addiction drug development by allowing testing of new drug candidates on specific human neural tissues. As an expert in the field of neuro-drug discovery, Creative Biolabs can provide a variety of customized models. In addition to typical animal models of addiction, a variety of effective cell models are also available in Creative Biolabs.

Services at Creative Biolabs

As a leader in the field of neuroscience, Creative Biolabs has successfully built a complete technology platform for animal addiction behavior and real-time detection of the nervous system. If you are interested in our addiction drug discovery services, please contact us in time for professional advice and assistance.

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