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Neurological disorders pose a significant burden on global healthcare, necessitating the development of innovative research tools and therapeutic strategies. At Creative Biolabs, we recognize the critical need for reliable and cost-effective animal models that can recapitulate human neurological conditions accurately. Our Zebrafish Models development service offers a powerful platform for studying neurological disorders, enabling comprehensive investigations into disease mechanisms, drug efficacy, and toxicology.

Zebrafish Models Based Toxicology Study

Toxicological evaluation is a crucial step in drug development to assess the safety and potential adverse effects of candidate compounds. Zebrafish models provide an excellent platform for conducting toxicology studies due to their highly conserved biological pathways and transparent embryos, which allow for easy visualization of organ development and drug distribution. Creative Biolabs offers zebrafish toxicology services that enable the assessment of biosafety and toxicity in the field of neuroscience.

Our Fish Embryotoxicity (FET) Test measures toxicological effects on zebrafish embryos, while ototoxicity studies focus on damage to neuromasts in zebrafish larvae. We also evaluate ocular toxicity using zebrafish embryos, larvae, and adults. Our tests include the limit test to determine toxicity thresholds, single dose toxicity assessment in adult zebrafish, and fish acute toxicity testing. These services provide valuable insights into compound safety and contribute to advancing research in neurology.

Advantages of zebrafish as a toxicology screening model.Fig.1 Advantages of zebrafish as a toxicology screening model. (Kundap, 2017)

Zebrafish Models Based Efficacy Study

Evaluating the efficacy of potential therapeutic interventions is a critical step in drug discovery. Zebrafish models offer a unique opportunity to study the effects of candidate drugs on neurological disorders, including neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric conditions. Creative Biolabs provides zebrafish efficacy models that allow researchers to assess the impact of drug candidates on disease phenotypes and explore underlying molecular mechanisms.

Our team conducts analysis to assess the protective effects of compounds against neuronal damage caused by neurotoxins in zebrafish embryo and larva models. To further your understanding of neuroprotection, we conduct studies in adult zebrafish to investigate α-, β-, and γ-secretase activities in the zebrafish brain. By assessing the activity levels of these secretases, we gain insights into potential neuroprotective mechanisms and the effects of compounds on zebrafish brain health.

Advantages of zebrafish in different stages.Fig.2 Advantages of zebrafish in different stages. (Saleem, 2018)

We also focus on studying the effects of compounds on CNS development in zebrafish models. By administering compounds during critical stages of CNS development, we can investigate their impact on various aspects of neuronal growth and maturation. Endpoints assessed include axonal growth, the detection of motoneurons, and the evaluation of specific neuronal biomarkers. These analyses provide valuable insights into the role of compounds in influencing CNS development.

Zebrafish Model Development Service for Neurological Disorders

Creative Biolabs offers customized zebrafish model development services tailored to specific neurological disorders. Our experienced team of scientists utilizes cutting-edge gene-editing technologies, including CRISPR/Cas9, to introduce disease-associated genetic mutations into zebrafish embryos. By precisely modifying the zebrafish genome, we can create faithful disease models that recapitulate key aspects of human neurological disorders, including but not limited to:

  • Zebrafish Parkinson's Disease Models
  • Zebrafish Epilepsy Models
  • Zebrafish Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Models
  • Zebrafish Schizophrenia Models
  • Zebrafish Spinal Cord Injuries Models
  • Zebrafish Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Model
  • Zebrafish Neuroblastoma Metastasis Model

Creative Biolabs offers zebrafish-based drug discovery services to facilitate the identification and optimization of lead compounds. Through our zebrafish drug discovery platform, researchers can screen thousands of compounds for therapeutic potential in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Please feel free to contact us for more about our zebrafish models related services.


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