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ES/iPS Neural Induction Medium (Human)

[CAT#: NCC200537ZP]

An optimized serum-free / chemically defined medium for rapid production of scalable neural progenitor cells from pluripotent human ES and iPS cells.

Cell Differentiation; Stem Cell Culture
Cell Types:
Embryonic Stem Cell; iPSC

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Human ES / iPS nerve induction medium is a serum-free optimized medium that can rapidly produce expandable neural progenitor cells from pluripotent human ES and iPS cells. The medium relies on small molecule nerve inducers and supplements to produce highly enriched expandable neural progenitor cells based on established procedures. Neural progenitor cells are produced within 10 days of the traditional feeder cell and / or feeder cell-free culture of undifferentiated human ES / iPS cells and can be expanded for more than 3-5 passages, resulting in a minimum 20-fold expansion . Generally, there are an estimated 500,000 multipotent human ES / iPS from 1 well in 6-well plates after 3 passages, and approximately 5-10 million neural progenitor cells can be obtained. The resulting neural progenitor cells are pluripotent and can be further differentiated into specific nerve cell subtypes of interest.
Cell Types
Embryonic Stem Cell; iPSC
Species Reactivity
Cell Differentiation; Stem Cell Culture
Research Areas
Stem Cell Research
1) Neural Induction Basal Medium
2) Neural Supplement 1 (50X)
3) Neuro2 Medium Supplement
4) GSK3 and TGFbR Inhibitor Cocktail (1000X)
5) AMPK Inhibitor (1000X)
Serum Level
Dry ice
Store at -20C. Good for 3 months from date of receipt or until expiration date on bottle when reagents are handled and stored appropriately. Please note: The supplemented ES/iPS Neural Induction Medium should be stored at 2 to 8C for up to 4 weeks.
Quality Control
Each lot of media is tested for the optimal differentiation.
Sterility Testing: Negative
Research Use Only
For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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