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NeuroInduc™ N2 Supplement-A

[CAT#: NCC200600ZP]

For the differentiation of mouse and human ES and iPS cells

Cell Culture; Cell Differentiation
Cell Types:
Neural Lineage Cell; Neuron; iPSC; Embryonic Stem Cell

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N2 supplement-a containing iron rich human transferrin was developed to differentiate mouse or human embryonic stem cells in vitro, and to induce pluripotent stem cells (IPS) to differentiate into neural and pancreatic like cells. Different neuronal subtypes can be generated when human ES/iPS cell-derived neural progenitor cells are cultured in NeuroInduc ™ Neuronal Medium (Catalog NCC200595ZP) supplemented with N2 Supplement-A, NeuroInduc ™ SM1 Neuronal Supplement (Catalog NCC200594ZP), and other factors. N2 Supplement-A is provided as a 100X stock solution.

N2 Supplement-A can be sold separately or as part of NeuroInduc™ Neuronal Medium N2-A & SM1 Kit (catalog NCC200597ZP).
Cell Types
Neural Lineage Cell; Neuron; iPSC; Embryonic Stem Cell
Species Reactivity
Mouse; Human
Cell Culture; Cell Differentiation
Research Areas
Stem Cell Research
&Bull; Recombinant human insulin
&Bull; Human holo-transferrin (iron-saturated)
&Bull; Sodium selenite
&Bull; Putrescine
&Bull; Progesterone
&Bull; Other ingredients
Shelf Life
Stable until expiry date (EXP) on label.
Research Use Only
For research use only
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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