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Cytotoxicity Assay Kit

[CAT#: NCC200555ZP]

The cytotoxicity assay kit is used to assess cell death.

Cell Culture
Cell Types:
Neural Lineage Cell

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Product Overview


The cytotoxicity assay kit can measure the level of LDH released by cells when they are stressed or injured by chemicals that are toxic to the cells. The reagent is reduced by NADH oxidized by extracellular LDH. Therefore, the number of formazan produced is directly proportional to the number of dead cells.

Main Features:
High linear range
Long shelf life, no degradation (2 months at 0-5°C)
Simple homogeneous measurement or heterogeneous (multiple) analysis can be performed

Cell Types

Neural Lineage Cell

Species Reactivity

Human; Mouse; Rat


Cell Culture

Application Notes

Pair with Cell Quantifying Kit (Cat: NCC200556ZP)
The cell quantification kit can easily determine the number of viable cells in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity assays. The product can be used for drug screening and cytotoxicity testing of chemical substances. At the same time, the cytotoxicity test kit can determine the number of damaged cells and the degree of cytotoxicity. The combination of these two products will allow researchers to fully understand the health of cells in various cytotoxic environments.

Research Areas

Stem Cell Research


Room Temperature


Store at 0-5° C

Quality Control

Each batch is tested for appearance, blank and sensitivity.

Shelf Life

Stable up to 2 months

Research Use Only

For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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