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Sensory Neuron Maturation Plus Supplement (New)

[CAT#: NCC-2101-ZP16]

Medium supplement for accelerating maturation of sensory neurons (100X concentrate)

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Maturation Plus is a fully defined medium supplement for enhancing the existing Sensory Neuron Maintenance Medium (Cat. NCC-2101-ZP16). It works by mimicking in vivo signals between sensory neurons and their supporting cells. The supplement contains signaling factors present in the peripheral nervous system and in particular the native environment of sensory neurons. Utilizing this supplement accelerates the maturation of iPSC-derived sensory neurons in vitro.

iPSC-derived sensory neurons treated with the Maximizer express key markers, such as TRPv1, TRPa1, TRPv2, TRPv3 and TRPm8. Kinetic states of e.g. TRPv1 are in a fast response inward rectifying state, to agonists such as Capsaicin. Neuronal responses to capsaicin occur at 1μM for 90% of the sensory neuron population.

The Maturation Plus supplement makes the Human iPSC-derived sensory neuronal culture a more physiological relevant model.
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Cell Culture
4 x 250uL vials of Maturation Plus Supplement
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Dry ice
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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