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NeuroInduc™ Cerebral Organoid Maturation Kit (Human)

[CAT#: NCC200610ZP]

Culture medium kit for extended maturation of human cerebral organoids

Cell Culture; Cell Differentiation; Organoid Culture
Cell Types:
iPSC; Embryonic Stem Cell

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The NeuroDiff™ Cerebral Organoid Kit (Cat. No. NCC200503ZP) is a defined, serum-free cell culture medium that can reliably produce brain organs derived from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC) through a simple four-stage protocol. Cerebral organoids are three-dimensional in vitro models with in vitro composition, with cell composition and structural organization representing human brain development. Brain organoid formation begins through an intermediate embryoid body (EB) formation step, and then neuroepithelial cells are expanded. After maturity, organoids generated using this kit have cortical-like areas, such as ventricular area (PAX6 + / SOX2 + / Ki-67 +), extraventricular area (Ki-67 + / p-Vimentin +), middle area (TBR2 +) and cortical plate (CTIP2 + / MAP2 + / TBR1 + ), their layering directions are similar to those observed in vivo.

For longer organoid culture times (>40 days), the components required for organoid maturation can be purchased as the NeuroInduc™ Cerebral Organoid Maturation kit (Catalog#NCC200610ZP).

Cell Types

iPSC; Embryonic Stem Cell

Species Reactivity



Cell Culture; Cell Differentiation; Organoid Culture

Research Areas

Stem Cell Research


NeuroInduc™ Cerebral Organoid Basal Medium 2, 250 mL
NeuroInduc™ Cerebral Organoid Supplement E, 4.5 mL



Shelf Life

Stable until expiry date (EXP) on label.

Research Use Only

For research use only
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