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Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell Growth Medium

[CAT#: NCL-21P6-105]

Cell Culture
Cell Types:
Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell

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When combined with Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell development Supplement (OPCGS, Cat. No. NCL-21P6-121), Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell media (OPCM) is a complete media created for in vitro Optimal development of normal oligodendrocyte precursor cells. It is a sterile liquid medium that includes vitamins, trace minerals, necessary and non-essential amino acids, organic and inorganic chemicals, hormones, and growth factors. When the medium is equilibrated in an incubator with a 5% CO2/95% air environment, it is HEPES and bicarbonate buffered and has a pH of 7.4. The medium is designed (quantitatively and qualitatively) to offer a nutritional environment that is properly balanced and to specifically support the development of healthy oligodendrocyte precursor cells in vitro.

Cell Types

Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell


Cell Culture


Basal medium: room temperature. Supplements: dry ice.


Store the basal medium at 4°C, the OPCGS and the P/S solution at -20°C. Protect from light.

Research Use Only

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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