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NeuroFluor™ Fluorescent Dye Violet Red 710, Fixable Viability

[CAT#: NE-200670P-CD]

Amine-labeling fluorescent dye for live/dead staining of mammalian cells


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NeuroFluor™ Fluorescent Dye Violet Red 710 is a fluorescent cell vitality dye used to stain live/dead mammalian cells in applications such as flow cytometry. The dye irreversibly binds to amine groups intracellular and on the cell surface and can be used before fixation, permeabilization, or cryopreservation. Cells with damaged plasma membranes are permeable to NeuroFluor™ dyes and have higher fluorescence intensity than live cells in a cell viability assay.

NeuroFluor™ Fluorescent Dye Violet Red 710 is excited by the red laser (633 nm) with an excitation maximum of 647 nm, and it has a fluorescence emission maximum of 710 nm.
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Neurological Disorders
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For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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