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Episomal iPSC Reprogramming Kit

[CAT#: NCC200557ZP]

Cell Reprogramming
Cell Types:
Somatic Cell

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NeuroShop's human free iPSC reprogramming kit is one of the best options for the production of footprint-free iPSCs, and provides a source of iPSCs for all stages of pluripotent stem cell research. The kit optimized by the NeuroShop team has been shown to successfully induce pluripotency in many different somatic cell types.

Generate iPS cells without GMOs, viruses and footprints
Additional kit for human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) generation
Safe from all stages from basic research to preclinical research
Flexible source cell selection
Improve reprogramming efficiency through puromycin selection
Optimized for reprogramming without feeders
No need to add small molecules
Cell Types
Somatic Cell
Species Reactivity
Cell Reprogramming
Application Notes
Generate iPSC strains from various somatic cell types
iPS cells are produced from a series of somatic cells by additional body vectors. These somatic cells include fibroblasts, bone marrow mononuclear cells, PBMC, lymphoblast B and fibroblasts and PBMC of various disease types. Each kit can provide enough materials for 10 reprogramming experiments.
Research Areas
Stem Cell Research
hiPSC reprogramming additional carrier
RFP control vector
Each kit contains enough materials for 10 reprogramming experiments
Room Temperature
Store at -20 °C upon receipt.
Quality Control
Each batch of additional human iPS cell reprogramming kits is tested to ensure that human fibroblasts can be reprogrammed into iPSCs.
Shelf Life
Stable up to 6 months
Research Use Only
For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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