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SOD Activity Kit, Species Independent

[CAT#: NK1120FY011]

Quantitative colorimetric measurement of superoxide dismutase activity

Direct Enzyme Activity Assay

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The Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Activity Kit is designed to quantitatively measure SOD activity in a variety of samples. The assay measures all types of SOD activity, including Cu/Zn, Mn, and FeSOD types. A bovine erythrocyte SOD standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay and all samples should be read off of the standard curve. Samples are diluted in our specially colored Sample Diluent and added to the wells. The Substrate is added followed by Xanthine Oxidase Reagent and incubated at room temperature for 20 minutes. The Xanthine Oxidase generates superoxide in the presence of oxygen, which converts a colorless substrate in the Detection Reagent into a yellow colored product. The colored product is read at 450 nm. Increasing levels of SOD in the samples causes a decrease in superoxide concentration and a reduction in yellow product. The activity of the SOD in the sample is calculated after making a suitable correction for any dilution, using software available with most plate readers. The results are expressed in terms of units of SOD activity per mL.
Species Reactivity
Wide Species
Direct Enzyme Activity Assay
Relevant Diseases
Alzheimer's Disease; Parkinson's Disease
Research Areas
0.044 U/ml
Detection Method
Colorimetric Assay
Sample Type
Cell lysates, EDTA Plasma, Erythrocytes, Heparin Plasma, Serum, Tissue
Assay Type
Activity Kits
Intra Assay Precision: Three samples diluted in Assay Buffer were run in replicates of 20 in an assay. The mean and precision of the calculated concentrations were: Sample 1- 0.407 U/mL, 4.6% CV Sample 2- 0.726 U/mL, 7.3% CV Sample 3- 1.203 U/mL, 16.8% CV Inter Assay Precision: Three samples diluted in Assay Buffer were run in duplicates in sixteen assays run over multiple days by four operators. The mean and precision of the calculated concentrations were: Sample 1- 0.356 U/mL, 10.5% CV Sample 2- 0.653 U/mL, 6.1% CV Sample 3- 1.277 U/mL, 13.8% CV
Number Of Samples
89 samples in duplicate
Linear Range
0.0625 - 4 U/ml
Clear 96 well Half Area Plates 2 Plates
Superoxide Dismutase Standard 1 Vial
Assay Buffer 50 ml
Xanthine Oxidase Buffer 6 ml
Xanthine Oxidase Concentrate 225 µl
Substrate Diluent 12 ml
Substrate Concentrate 1.1 ml
Blue Ice
Research Use Only
For research use only
Official Name
1. Liocher, SI and Fridovich, I. Free Rad. Biol. Med., 2007, 42:1465-1469.
2. Imlay, JA. Ann Rev. Bichem., 2008, 77:755-776.
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5. Bae, S-C, et al. J.Amer.Coll.Nutr. 2003. 22(4):311-315.
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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